Friday, May 26, 2017

Mostly Dogs

We are still having oodles of fun with Chloe 2.0!

It's been warm and sunny--perfect weather for hanging out a lot in the back yard, where Truman loves to hop into his wading pool.

Yesterday Chloe helped Truman in his hole-digging efforts.

Then we had some quality lounging time.

The Original Chloe (along with Winston) came over for a visit.

The Two Chloes greeted each other nicely.

Chloe 2.0 adored Winston.

Later that afternoon, I gave Truman a break from Chloe and spent some quality time with him at a little park, where we went sketching with Nicole.

More sun is coming this long weekend, with temps into the low 80s.  Oh, my!

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  1. Glad Chloe 2.0 is settling in well. She's a cutie and will make someone a great companion. She is adorable with Winston!