Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Sketching Update

The Northend Urban Sketchers went on a couple of outings over Memorial Day weekend, and I also got in a little practice sketching at home from photos.  It was a lovely, warm, sunny weekend all round, and I could almost believe that summer was just around the corner -- if not for the gray, cloudy, 50-degree morning I just woke up to.  Oh, well.

On one of our jaunts, we went to Washelli Cemetery again, where I focused on trees in the first sketch and a water feature in the second.

As I was drawing the above scene, a stink bug suddenly landed on my left arm.  While I suppose some people might brush the bug away, my immediate thought was, "Pretty!  Must sketch it!"  The bug stayed on my arm just long enough to get in a quick portrait.

On Memorial Day itself, we went to the UW boat house/marina.  I found a terrific view across the Montlake Cut where a totem pole stands in a small park.

Then I went to the small marina to try my hand at a boat.

Next, we headed to the nearby Center for Urban Horticulture to check out their perennial garden displays.

On Tuesday I got in some practice at home from some wonderful photos that friends took on a recent trip to Ireland.

One friend posted about three hundred photos, so this should keep me occupied on gloomy gray days.  Like today.

Finally, for those who are wondering how Truman and Chloe handled my absences (it was too hot to take dogs along on sketch outings), I can only assume they spend the hours just like this:


  1. I really like all these sketches, even the stink bug :) Hope the weather warms up nicely for you soon.

    Are you going to any of the games while the Twins are in town?

    1. They're all night games! I'd fall asleep! I'm hoping to get to a day game sometime when it warms up again (overcast and cool here today).