Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Just More Flowers

There must be twice as many blooms in my garden as there were last week.  Roses are popping out all over the place.  Which means the weeds are popping up everywhere, too -- sometimes I wonder what I was thinking twenty years ago when I decided to rip up the entire lawn in favor of shrubs and flowers and herbs.

Well, actually, I do know what I was thinking:  a) lawns are boring, b) I hate mowing, and c) I'm allergic to grass.  Plus I like growing flowers.  Still, I might have considered how much work it would take to keep up as I slowly creep towards Senior Land.  The front garden is only 500 square feet and it quite easily managed but the back garden is 3500 square feet!  It's lovely, but boy howdy, it is not easily maintained.  

My favorite part of gardening is when I stop gardening and take a rest break on the lawn chair.  As it is supposed to reach 80 degrees this afternoon, I suspect there will be a lot more lounging and a lot less weed-pulling today.

The David Austin old-fashioned rose 

Peonies are opening

The foxglove forest is quite lovely right now

The purple smoke tree is getting quite big

The Dublin Bay climber rose is making its way up the arbor

And finally, here is the view from my kitchen window this morning--I guess this makes it all worthwhile!

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