Monday, November 30, 2015

The Long Weekend: Part 1

I had a lovely four-day weekend with Tru, with friends, and with much food.  This will be the week where I take turkey sandwiches to work every day.

Today is a special day at the office, as I will tell the Powers That Be about my impending retirement (last day of work will be December 31).  Hurrah!

Back to the weekend:  it started off quietly.  Tru and I took a walk at Meadowbrook Pond Park on Thursday -- it was sunny all four days (though a bit nippy) and we had beautiful views of the pond and the birds.

Northern Shoveler:

Female Mallards:

Truman ignoring the ducks, as usual:

Tru on a beeline for the car:

Happy dog!


  1. Oh, that's exciting. I hope telling them goes well. You must report! Nice photos too.

    1. It was most gratifying to give notice -- many people said "Oh no, what will we DO without you?!?" and many gave congratulations and many were envious (including some faculty). They all understood my desire to depart. I asked them to bring me lots of farewell chocolate!

  2. I agree with Dewey; I'm eager to hear how the notice went.

    Also, I love the splashy foot on that first mallard shot.