Monday, November 9, 2015

Briefly: garden update

We had rain again most of the weekend so again there was very little outdoor activity, so I'm going to try to stretch the few photos I took during the few breaks in the weather over as many days as I can.

Here is a brief garden update -- yes, there are things still in bloom, because this is the Pacific Northwest and it's only mid-November.  Granted, there aren't a lot of things in bloom, and I suspect some of them to be weeds, but hey, maybe it's better to have a few pretty weeds than no flowers at all.

I planted these snapdragons in May.  They didn't bloom until August.  They are still blooming.  Go figure.

Not a flower, but a lovely fall color now on the Japanese Maple:

This is my favorite floribunda rose, which has been in continuous bloom since late May:

The white flowers in between the hostas are what I think is a weed -- I certainly didn't plant it, though it is attractive, so maybe I did.  Who knows?  It's blooming, and that means I'm keeping it for now!


  1. The white flowers look a bit like chamomile to me, but I'm not so sure that you should brew it into a cup of herbal tea. I have some salvia that continues to bloom, and one of the camellias had a new flower on it a week or two back. I've got some tomatoes that have finally ripened too.

    Is there *ever* going to be a not-rainy weekend? I'd like to get to the Fill one of these days without being soaked.

    1. Tomatoes in November? What is the world coming to?
      Yes, we will have a sunny weekend just precisely when it is 30 degrees outside. Or when the next home Husky football game ties up traffic. Bah!

    2. I can deal with the cold temperatures. I think. But I suspect that it will be sunny only when I'm out of town or sick in bed.

  2. Beautiful. It's nice that you get so much color basically year round. I like the weeds if that's what they are!

  3. I love snapdraons, just bought some seeds myself. I also noticed a little black and tan flower in the last pic.