Friday, November 20, 2015

A Small Pocket Sketchbook Update

I haven't been making use of the little sketchbook I keep in my purse of late, either because I haven't been stuck waiting around (a good thing) or because nothing intriguing has caught my eye when I've been out and about (not such a good thing).

Yesterday, though, it was sunny and warm enough to take a walk at lunch time, and on my stroll behind my office building these Amanita muscaria (AKA Fly Agaric) toadstools caught my eye:

I wished that I'd had colored pencils, as these are those common deep orange-red toadstools that are ever so lovely.

Then as I headed back towards the office, I spotted some palm trees in a courtyard which I've seen (and sketched) before, but this time they had these huge seed pods on view which had not been there the last time I drew them many months ago.  I had to stop and do a quick drawing.

And finally, on the bus ride home I usually read, but I'd finished my book during my afternoon break.  I spotted a woman wearing a cap who had a face meant to be sketched, and had a go.

Bus sketching is always tricky -- I prefer that no one notice what I'm up to, so wait until the person next to me has departed, and then I want to find an interesting face, and then hope they don't get off the bus five seconds after I've started drawing, and of course, the bus is moving and stopping and starting which adds a special challenge (and quite a few jerky lines).  Fun times!

That's all for this week -- happy almost weekend!

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