Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Shopping with Truman

This past Sunday, Truman helped me go shopping at the University Bookstore, where they welcome dogs (and the people who own them).

For some reason, this display attracted our attention as we walked in:

Possibly because of this prominently featured book:

Then we went downstairs (well, down the elevator) to the supply section, where Truman helped me pick out a couple of notebooks.

Back up on the main floor, he made me stop in the animal section, where another dog book caught his attention.

He made he buy it for him.  It's a photo-essay book about a charismatic dachshund named Crusoe who has his own blog.

Finally, we headed upstairs for a short rest while I examined more potential purchases.

After finishing up at the bookstore, we strolled across the street to the art gallery, where my Song Sparrow painting was on display.

The gallery owner wasn't in, so we didn't say hello.  We strolled on back to the car and returned to Truman's favorite place in all the world -- Home!


  1. That's funny - I follow Cruse the Celebrity Dachshund on Facebook. He's almost as cute and adorable as Truman.

    1. Oops - I can't type in the morning LOL. As you are well aware, it's Crusoe. Duh. Did you find any interesting books or did you just get notebooks?

    2. I'm STILL not getting email notification of your comments. So irksome.

      I bought the Crusoe book -- Truman made me! Most books I just get from the library. Oh, and I found a used Agatha Christie hardback for $6 -- "At Bertram's Hotel" with Miss Marple.

      Maybe there should be a celebrity long-haired dachshund blog called Travels with Truman!

    3. Travels with Truman sounds like a terrific idea! These people with blogs seem to do all right for themselves money-wise. Hmmmm.

    4. It's back! I got an email notification of this comment -- hurrah! Of course, I have no idea why it stopped and then started again, so if it happens again, i sure won't know. STOOPID technology.

      I have tons of photos of Truman going here and there in his stroller, and even some where he gets out to walk about. Maybe after I retire, I'll have time to post Travels with Truman -- the only snag, though, is that I don't like to travel. So it would be more like short jaunts with Truman, which doesn't have quite the same ring to it. Oh, well.

  2. It looks like a good book Truman, I hope you enjoy it.

  3. "Staycations with Truman"

    Also, I noticed your song sparrow in the front window of the gallery last week and meant to congratulate you on being so prominently featured. I hope sales spike for the holidays.