Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Fill on Saturday part 2: the non-bird part

Naturally I took Truman with me to the Fill on Saturday, despite the fact that we'd already been on a walk to the library AND a walk around Magnuson Park with Winston and Michelle, and he was DONE.  I brought the stroller but he actually managed to walk most of the way around the Loop Trail on his own.

He pooped out on the last leg.  Here I am trying to capture both him and the glow of the autumn foliage in the distance.

And here I try to get both Truman and Scott and Mary in the same photo.

For some reason my friend Mary, who is a perfectly lovely young woman, does not like to have her picture taken -- see how she thwarts me with her binoculars!

As we headed back to our car, Truman got waylaid -- there was a family taking photos in the perennial garden, and one of the daughters spied us and screamed, "OH MY GOD IT'S A DOG IN A STROLLER!"  So we had to stop and she got to pet Truman whether he wanted to be petted or not.  I suspect "not".  He survived the experience.

Finally, here is one last pic from Friday, which the pet sitter sent to show how nicely Tru is getting along with her dog Princie now.

That's it for this week -- I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday and long weekend!


  1. Hope you and His Adorableness have a great holiday too!

  2. "Perfectly lovely young woman"--how sweet you are! I insist I look better with binoculars. And, on this particular day, my photo of Truman is better. Sadly I don't know how to post said photo here.

  3. I'm with you Mary, binoculars are enhancing. Nice Truman shots, he did well for walks.