Thursday, November 19, 2015

Coots Galore

When the rains stopped last Sunday afternoon, Truman and I headed out to the Fill.

Way out there on the lake is a dark line -- here's a bit of a zoom of it:

That line is a raft of American Coots.  They turn up this time of year in the hundreds, nay, probably thousands.  Notice that parade of lighter birds behind the Raft'o'Coots?

Those are Canvasbacks.  Lovely birds, and also a winter-only visitor.

There are also plenty of wigeons mixed in with the Raft.

Farther along the lake shore the Double-crested Cormorants were hanging out.

I always enjoy the arrival of the Wintering-Over Waterfowl.  Truman, however, remained singularly unimpressed.


  1. As I would say to my girl Truman, you look funny, earbob. She doesn't mind.

  2. Coots!!!
    There's a chance we'll be heading over to the Fill on Saturday. I'm not sure if we'll try to deal with putting geraniums and lawn furniture away before heading out or save that for after the expedition so I don't know when we'll be there. Not crack of dawn, regardless, so probably too late for you.

    1. It might not be too late, as it is COLD in the early morning and I find it more pleasant there after it warms up a bit later in the day. Do keep me posted and either call or text my cell (Yes, I have learned how to text -- amazing but true).