Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Local Explorations: Bitter Lake

This past Monday, Truman and I ventured forth to Bitter Lake, which is just west of Aurora and just north of NE 130th, another spot we'd never been to before.  Our first stop was another community P-patch garden at the north end of the Bitter Lake reservoir.

This very small garden turned out to have terraces, so I parked Tru in his stroller to go check out the accessibility.  He waited for me to return with his usual patience.

I took him out to wander the less accessible areas.

Then we strolled over to a seating area where I wanted to do a drawing.  Tru had other ideas.

Back he went into the stroller while I worked.

As we were leaving, a woman turned up with a cat on a leash.  Turned out it was a working cat -- it patrols the garden for rodents.  The cat looked very happy to be there.

Next we tootled down the road a few blocks to the lake proper.

We found that there was only a very short walking path at only one small end of the lake, you couldn't walk around it.  Not terribly satisfying.  So we contented ourselves with views of goslings.

Truman was not impressed by the geese one bit.

While I'm glad I finally checked this spot out, it's not a spot I'd want to revisit.  I'd rather be able to walk all the way around the lake.  Now I know!

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  1. Oh it was worth it just to see baby geese. They are so cute. And a cat on a leash - something you don't see very day LOL.