Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Neighborhood Exploration: Pinehurst

On Sunday Truman and I went on another neighborhood exploration stroll, this time to Pinehurst, which is just west of our own neighborhood, between us and the Northgate mall.

One of the first things we saw was yet another Little Free Library stand.  People leave books for others to take at these tiny boxes.  During our various explorations, we've seen one every 10-20 blocks.  This one was guarded by a pelican!

Not too far off we found a colorful rooster, not guarding anything.

Next we checked out the Pinehurst Pocket Park, a lovely shaded spot with picnic benches and a tractor (sort of).  On a plaque we found the story of a fellow who used to give the neighborhood kids a ride on his tractor:

And here is the little replica tractor statue:

Truman waited patiently as I did a quick sketch of the tractor:

Then we continued our explorations.  I liked this pergola a lot:

Look -- another Little Free Library!

On these strolls, I try to find the one house that I would most like to live in.  This was the one!

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