Thursday, June 9, 2016

Neighborhood Explorations

Back in May when I visited family in Richland, I took Truman out for a stroll every morning.  We headed off in a different direction each day, and I enjoyed seeing the ways people decorated their homes and yards.  So when we returned home, I started wandering around my own neighborhood, taking photos of the more interesting stuff.  Eventually I got tired of my neighborhood and began venturing farther afield -- driving to the next spot over and then getting out to explore.

This morning Truman and I began a "next neighborhood over" exploration at Meadowbrook Pond Park.

From there we strolled into the residential streets, starting at the corner of 39th and 105th.  We walked east up 105th to 45th, then turned south down 45th and made it to 97th before heading back.

Here are the sights along the way that I found interesting.

A different kind of arbor

"No dogs, cats, or pot-bellied pigs"


Not a real heron!

More fun with lawn ornaments

Amazing willow tree

House that I wanted to move into

A gate with shoe decor....

All in all, a lovely way to spend the morning.

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  1. Far out. I love that house you like. I also liked seeing a lawn heron instead of a pink flamingo!