Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Short Sketch Outing

Yesterday afternoon Nicole and I ventured to the Washelli cemetery for a little sketching, accompanied byTruman, the Dog Who Doesn't Like to Go for a Walk.

When people see Truman in his stroller, they sometimes assume he's an elderly dog, or a lame dog, and are surprised when I say he is only four years old and perfectly healthy.  Then I explain that what he has is a psychological condition -- he only likes to walk towards his home or towards the car, and refuses to walk away from them.  So he has his own personal limo and his own personal well-trained chauffeur to pop him into his stroller to take him on the outward journey, and when we turn around, he gets out and runs back to the house or car, pulling the well-trained chauffeur all the way.

I suppose I could take him to a trainer to break him of this habit, but truth to tell, I rather like taking the stroller along, especially on sketch outings, as it has lots of storage for all of my gear.  So it all works out!

The stroller also gives him a comfy place to sit while I'm sketching.

All in all, I'm happy to play chauffeur for the Dog Who Doesn't Like to Go for a Walk.


  1. You and your doggie adventures LOL - I think you should definitely write another book called "The Dog Who Doesn't Like to Go for a Walk". It would be a great children's book. You could do your own illustrations. What a great idea! I get a 10% "idea" fee - ho ho ho

    1. Since authors typically receive 10% royalties, your 10% "idea" fee would be 10% of my do the math!