Wednesday, June 8, 2016

All Kinds of Critters

Yesterday Truman and I went to the Montlake Fill to see if construction of the new wetlands had started yet, and to check on the ospreys.  There was concern among the birding community that the construction might disturb the birds.  All was well -- I chatted with two workers there who told me about the buffer zone that had been established around the nest platform with the help of a wildlife biologist, to protect the ospreys.  Construction starts next week on the new 9-acre pond area.

We had some cooperative birds to watch -- first, a Great Blue Heron at Yesler Swamp.

The only time I get good swallow photos is when they stop to rest, which doesn't happen all that often.  This Tree Swallow posed ever so beautifully.

And there were also Barn Swallows landing briefly on the Main Pond edge to grab mud.

We saw this bunny at the swamp area entrance -- it popped out of the brush for just a few seconds.

I hope it stayed well hidden, because not too much later, a bit farther away near the alder grove, we spotted this critter:


After our adventures at the Fill, we tootled up to campus, where Truman rested while I took photos of the Quad buildings.

Finally, a little art for today -- back home, where I've been doing a little practice art from my photographs (because it's been too hot to draw outside), I tried ink, watercolor, and colored pencil to depict a Black Oystercatcher taking a sip of water:

I really like the effect of colored pencil on top of watercolor and am eager to try it out in the field.  It is supposed to be cooler now -- 72 for a high today -- and I already have plans to get out and sketch.


  1. Lovely. It's good to know that someone is looking out for the ospreys. Please continue to update us on them!

  2. Is that a crow in the first coyote photo? (And, yes, I'm deeply envious of you and your retirement lifestyle.)

    1. Yes -- the crow dove at the coyote several times, which the coyote just ignored.

      I'm nearing my 6-month anniversary, when many people say they get bored with retirement and go back to work. Hah! Every weekday morning, Tru and I look out the front window and watch the employed people scurrying past to catch the bus looking harassed, and every evening we watch them slog back home looking worn out and miserable. Nosirreebob, not me!