Monday, June 20, 2016

Sketch Recon plus Return to the Fill

Sketch Recon

On Friday Tru and I went on a reconnaissance mission to Washelli cemetery -- it's my job, as a retired person, to check out various locales around town as potential sketching spots for my friends.  This place proved very promising, with some lovely landscaping, a few cool statues, and several intriguing buildings.  It was such a huge place that it took a long time to drive around, so I had time for just one drawing at a little pond.

Will have to go back to draw some more.

Return to the Fill

Access to the Montlake Fill main trail has been blocked on weekdays, and the latest news is that this may continue into mid-July.  On Sunday I went to see what had been happening there -- construction is beginning on a new wetlands area.  The main trail was open, with a whole lot of "Access Prohibited" signs along the way, like this one:

This bunny ignored the signs.

The signs, along with a new rock buffer zone, appear to be designed to keep people from straying off the main trail and into the meadows.

Truman checked out the new buffer zone:

The bird life seemed undisturbed by all this activity.  The Marsh Wrens were chattering away as usual.

The Red-winged Blackbirds were much in evidence.

The Osprey pair were still on the nest.  Whew.

We also checked out the site for the new wetlands, which is a former parking lot.  There we found a really big pile of mulch:

It should be interesting to see the progress on this wetlands over the coming months.

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