Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Local Explorations

Last Saturday morning brought cool, overcast skies with light drizzle.  I decided it would be an indoor day.  However, by around noon a few blue holes appeared in the overcast sky.  Clearly it was time to take a chance on the weather  holding up long enough for a mini-adventure.

My neighbor had told me about a little park by the North Seattle Community College that she took her sons too many moons ago, a park she knew as Indian Springs from the healing waters used there by Native Americans.  I'd not heard that name, but thanks to Google, I turned up Licton Springs park, which seemed to fit the bill.

It is indeed just a few blocks west of the community college, and it's small though pleasant, with winding trails through woods and wooden bridges over the stream.

We wound around until we found the sign explaining the Native American healing history of the spot, and the source of the water.

Since it was Saturday, when there is free parking at the college, I opted to drive around the campus, with a view to seeing if it had sketching possibilities.  I hadn't brought my art supplies because it was too breezy, but it's always good to make note of places to return to later.

While checking things out, I spotted a sign with a map of a greenbelt.  I never knew it was there -- it is a long, narrow stretch of meadows and a pond lying between the parking lot and the freeway.  Truman and I got out to explore it.

A lovely spot, if a bit noisy from the freeway traffic.

Our last stop was at a community P-patch garden which is on 92nd between the park and the campus.

It was small and it didn't take us long to stroll up and down the paths.

We certainly found places worth returning to some day, with sketchbook in hand!

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