Thursday, May 12, 2016

Random Photos That Didn't Fit Elsewhere, Plus Garden Update

Here is Truman in Richland last week, exploring one of the few shady walking paths:

And here is the river cruise ship that docked at Richland one day:

On our return drive home, we stopped at the Selah rest area (outside Yakima) to get a view of Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier.

Mt. Adams

Mt. Rainier

And we stopped at the Indian John Hill rest area for a view of the Cascades.

Back home, I discovered that during my two-week absence, lots of stuff had grown and bloomed in the garden (including the weeds--I have lots of work to do to catch up).

David Austin rose


This is the snapdragon I planted last Spring (and which bloomed last summer) -- it is supposed to be an annual.  Guess the mild winter convinced it to be a perennial.


And this is how a retired person spends a warm, sunny weekday afternoon!


  1. Beautiful shots on your trip home especially the mountains. Did Truman get lost in all the green when he got home?

    1. Truman spent hours wandering around his garden when we got home, and jumping into his wading pool. He is a very happy dog now!