Friday, May 20, 2016

Mishmash: Garden update, a drawing, and Truman

It took me three days of intensive weeding to clear out all of the dying forget-me-nots from the garden.  I love these little blue flowers, but when they go to seed, they are horrid -- the seeds attach themselves to anything and everything, get all over one's clothing, and stick on the dog's hair.  They're a menace, yet a lovely one when in bloom.

Speaking of blooms, things are happening all over the place.  Here is the climbing rose in the front yard:

And here is a mix of poppies, foxglove, and roses:

The weigela is doing nicely:

And the peonies are opening:

A close-up of the oriental poppy:

This is the climber I planted last year -- it's about three feet tall now:

In this mix of annuals (left side) is a delicate perennial -- Monarda (right side):

That's it for the garden update.  More later as the rest of the roses start blooming.

Now for a random sketch -- I had no good post to put this in earlier, so am just popping it in randomly.  This is a sculpture at the Seattle Central Community College:

Lastly, one must have Truman pics!  Here he is on one of our morning strolls around the neighborhood, actually OUT OF THE STROLLER (because we were heading homeward):

Here he is a bit later, back in the stroller, helping me buy plants at the Fred Meyer garden center:

Finally, here he is on another neighborhood walk, being investigated by the wiener dogs who come past our house several times a day.  He barks ferociously at them from the safety of indoors, but when we encounter them away from home in the open, he has a more sedate attitude.

Happy Friday -- may all of the gainfully employed people out there enjoy the weekend!

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