Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Eastern Washington Birds

The birds in the Tri-Cities area were sparse when I arrived two weeks ago, but a week later things had picked up.  I visited W.E. Johnson Park in Richland this past Sunday, and found a lot more species than on my previous visit.  Here are the highlights:

Cedar Waxwings

Pacific-slope Flycatcher

Western Kingbird

Yellow-breasted Chat

Chats are usually hard to get good photos of, so I was very happy to have this one out singing in the open.  I was even able to get a short video -- it's a bit shaky as I don't have a tripod.  Be sure to turn up the sound!

On this past Monday, I drove out to Burbank to the headquarters of the McNary National Wildlife Refuge.  It has mostly marshy habitat along the Burbank Slough.  At the headquarters building, Barn Swallows were nesting under the eaves.

There's a hide for good waterfowl viewing.

Ring-necked Ducks

Next I walked a trail running alongside the slough.  A large meadow was on the other side, over which an American Kestrel was hunting.

Yellow-headed Blackbirds were quite common.

Also saw this Black-necked Stilt:

There were several Ruddy Ducks about.

And quite a few Redhead ducks.

I also saw American White Pelicans down the road a ways, but too far away for photos.  I had to settle for this Great Egret -- not bad compensation!

Great birds, all in all.


  1. Still beautiful the 2nd time around. There was another photo of the chat that you didn't post here. I thought it was excellent and would grace the cover of any birding magazine.