Friday, May 13, 2016

Fun at the Fill

Yesterday I went down to the Montlake Fill to see if I could spot the Ospreys. A pair has been trying to nest on the nearby stadium light poles, and last year the athletic department put up a nesting pole at the Fill to encourage them to relocate.  They ignored it, and their nesting efforts on the light poles failed.

This year they returned, and brought nesting material to the stadium poles again.  Another effort was made to relocate them by moving the sticks over to the Fill platform, and this time it may just work.  The birds have been hanging out there, and I saw them bring sticks over.  It would be fabulous to have a successful Osprey brood -- the first time that's happened at the Fill.

On the theory that you can never have too many photos of these wonderful birds, here are a lot of photos (and a short video) of the Ospreys.

In other exciting Fill news, the Pied-billed Grebes have already produced youngsters.  I got to see one of the parents trying to feed a large fish to a chick, and then chow down on it instead, as it was a bit too large for the wee one.

Finally, our last sighting was not a bird at all:

Happy Friday!


  1. What's with the osprey jumping on the back of the other one? Massage time LOL? Building a nest IS hard work after all. Cute bunny.

    1. No idea. Maybe he wanted to mate with her and she wasn't having it!