Monday, May 23, 2016

Brief update: ducklings and a swallow (and Truman)

It has been cooler and cloudier and sometimes rainy of late and I haven't been out much, so have very little to report.  I did get to Magnuson Park yesterday (and hope to get back soon), where there were Mallard ducklings:

Also on view was a lovely Violet-green Swallow:

Truman and I got out for a neighborhood stroll as well --  here he is investigating Thornton Creek:

And here he is ignoring one of the little "free library" book cabinets that are dotted around the neighborhood:

I've been neglecting my sketching of late, and hope to rectify that sometime this week, if the weather cooperates!


  1. Unsurprisingly, though I was still surprised, your mallard ducklings are waaaayy larger than ours. Ours are at the ball of fluff, stay close to mom stage. Also hooded merganser ducklings, which crack me up when they dive, are at a very early very fuzzy huddling-up stage.

    1. I've seen fluffball ducklings recently -- I think they're staggered throughout the season. But yeah, we had an early Spring, as usual. My roses are in full bloom -- the buds started opening a good three weeks ago.