Thursday, June 30, 2016

Garden Update

It's time to see what's happening in my garden.  I won't show the torn up areas where I'm attempting to eradicate the buttercup -- you only get to see the nice bits.  All these photos were taken just this morning.

The roses are going strong.

The blueberries are starting to ripen -- there were more ripe ones, but I ate them.

I am doing my part to save the bees.  This one is busy harvesting the toadflax.

The lupins are blooming.

And here are more roses!

How did that horned toad get on my arbor?

The new annual bed is doing well -- soon the cosmos and petunias will bloom alongside these marigolds.

The mophead hydrangea is doing very well despite some dry, hot weather of late.  It's about five feet tall by eight feet wide.

The mallows are opening.

Ooh, look, a fairy!

Of course, Truman believes that he is the most elegant thing in the garden!

And he's probably right.

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