Thursday, June 23, 2016

Jackson Park Trail (plus a sketch)

Nicole told me there was a walking trail around the Jackson Park golf course, which I didn't know about, so yesterday Truman and I checked it out.  We hoped there might be sketching opportunities there, but we did not find any.  Oh, well, at least we got some exercise.

This sculpture at the parking lot entrance, called "Bloom", for instance, is too complex for me, and I also don't like sketching other people's art.  We admired it and moved on.

At first, the trail was nice and level and woodsy, which we enjoyed.  However, we soon encountered small hills that required some effort to get up -- the path was crushed gravel, there were steps in areas, and it was hard to get Truman's stroller up them.  He had to get out and walk at times -- oh, the horror!

Nicole heard there were pedestrian bridges, which I thought might be sketch-worthy, but the two we found (going over Thornton Creek) turned out to be chainlink fence-lined concrete slabs.  UGLY.

We did pause at a madrone tree that might have been nice to draw, except at this point of the trail, the traffic going past was fast and noisy and unpleasant.  So we moved on.

I thought perhaps we might get some decent views of the golf course to sketch, maybe of a water trap -- but this was the best view I found.  Neither Truman nor I were impressed by it.  After two miles of slogging up and down gravel hills, we stopped moving on, and went home.

Once we returned home, Truman expressed his delight in the chance to cool off in his pool.

Finally, completely unrelated to the above adventure, a sketch!  I had to go to Group Health on Capitol Hill for an audiology exam, and their waiting room window overlooked an old church across the way.  I wound up waiting 20 minutes for them to come get me, so I whipped out my travel sketch kit and entertained myself.  (The watercolor was added later at home.)

Turns out I have some hearing loss (!) in my right ear, which probably goes a long ways towards explaining the ringing (tinnitus) I have in that ear.  Oh, well.  I suppose it goes with the territory called "Getting Older"!


  1. A lovely day of moving along. A very entertaining read.

  2. I love the blissful Truman in his pool!