Monday, June 27, 2016

Neighborhood Exploration: Lake Forest Park/Shoreline

The Lake Forest Park neighborhood to the north of mine is lacking in sidewalks in the residential areas, so Truman and I restricted ourselves to the five or so blocks of sidewalks that do exist around the elementary school.

Our first stop was Pfingst Animal Park, a small green space alongside a stream which has a couple of artistic embellishments.

Metal flower sculpture


Then we strolled down the sidewalk, where we found this well-dressed scarecrow.

Our most exciting view was of these elephants and rhinos -- life size -- right in someone's front yard.  I did a Google search to see if there was any info on this unusual lawn decor, but came up empty.

There's a small bear hanging out next to the baby elephant in the back.

That was all we found in our short walk.  Next, we drove over to Shoreline to check out the farmer's market there.  Truman was delighted to find a food truck dedicated to dog treats.

He also liked the food truck that was intended for humans.

Finally, a random chickadee, for no particular reason at all:

Speaking of birds, I did check up on the ospreys at the Fill this weekend, and they seem fine.  No sign of chicks yet but should be any day now.

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  1. That otter statute is just adorable and I already indicated that I liked the life size lawn ornaments on Facebook. Perhaps they are one of a kind.