Thursday, June 2, 2016

More Local Explorations (with a little art on the side)

On Memorial Day, Tina and I went to the UW campus to do some sketching, where we tackled one  of my favorite buildings -- the old observatory.

On Tuesday, Truman and I ventured a little farther afield -- all the way to Edmonds.  (Not really that far -- it takes about twenty minutes to get there, which is about five minutes more than it takes to get to the UW).  We visited Yost Park, a hilly, wooded spot where his stroller could not go, so he had to walk.  Goodness!

The view from the top of the hill was not too shabby.

Since Richmond Beach Park in Shoreline was kind of on the way home, we stopped there, too.

Yesterday we returned to the UW -- Truman had not accompanied me and Tina on Monday, so I figured he ought to have a visit there.  We admired the rose garden and the fountain.

I found a recessed window with light shining through, and snapped a photo from which to do a watercolor study later at home.  The texture of the stone is created easily by using Daniel Smith's Hematite Genuine watercolor -- it has amazing granulation properties.

Today I believe we will have a nice quiet day at home and in the garden.

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  1. The hematite works really well there - nice job!