Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sketch Time

We have not had a lot of good sketching weather of late (my criteria:  mostly sunny, minimum 60 degrees, maximum 75), but Tru and I managed to get out there twice during the past week.

On Wednesday we joined Nicole at Acacia Memorial Park to draw in their garden, which has a pond with rock gardens and little wooden bridges, a very pleasant and peaceful spot.

I tried something a bit different this time -- no ink drawing!  Just watercolor plus a bit of colored pencil work.

On Sunday we joined Nicole and Tina for an outing to the Licton Springs P-Patch garden, where we admired the inscriptions people put in the bricks at the entry way.

I spotted two workers lopping branches off trees, and liked their colorful ladders, so I sketched them (the ladders, not the people -- they were moving around too much).

The teal-colored ladder stood atop the picnic table, and I managed to draw it right before one of the workers moved it away.

Next, I found a rock garden to draw.

Then we tootled down the road a few blocks to Licton Springs park, where I found a view of a stream with a log and a stone bridge.

And that was it for my sketch outings last week.  Today is cool (59 high, chance of thundershowers) but there are a few nicer-looking days ahead in the forecast.  We shall just have to wait and see!


  1. I hope you get good sketching weather again soon. The watercolors are quite lovely. Stupid team.

    1. Yup, I need to make more art -- today I stopped in at the little art gallery/frame shop that carries my work, and the owner had just sold two more of my pieces -- yay! She wants me to bring more in. Cool. And yeah, the Mariners better improve on this road trip!

    2. Awesome that your work is selling. I'm still fuming over last night's game and not all of it is aimed at my guys. That umpire was terrible!! Anyway, onward and upward. At least Texas lost too.