Friday, July 1, 2016

Two Sketch Outings in One Day

Yesterday morning I felt like drawing something, but didn't feel like driving very far, so I tossed Truman in Winnie the Wienermobile and tootled down the road a short ways to Washelli cemetery to check out a rock garden I spotted there on an earlier visit.  It was ever so lovely and peaceful.

I wanted to do another drawing, but when I drove over to another spot and got out to look around, I encountered a Very Talkative Woman visiting her family's plot who would not stop being Very Talkative.  Half an hour later, I gave up and went home.

By late afternoon, I still had an urge to draw something.  So I tossed Truman in his stroller and tootled on down to our neighborhood farmer's market.  The colors of the flower stall were attractive, and I had an enjoyable time sitting off in a quiet, shady corner out of the way, trying to sketch the stall in between customer visits.

The next week should be full of fun outings, as my friend Tina is on vacation and she has PLANS for going places and drawing a lot.  Fingers crossed for good weather!

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