Monday, July 25, 2016

Osprey Poop, a Sketch, and a Wriggly Dog

The Osprey family at the Fill is doing well -- I checked up on them this past Saturday, and the chicks looked a little bigger and all three were present and accounted for.  It was overcast so I couldn't get great photos, but I did get a special view of something you don't see every day -- an Osprey chick letting excrement fly.  What fun!

I had no intention of taking a photo of Osprey poo -- I was just snapping away on continuous shoot mode when one of the little ones scooted over to the edge of the nest platform and spewed out this impressive stream.

The platform is pretty close to the trail, but I don't think it's close enough to land poo on someone's head -- though if  you're walking past, be sure to have a hat on just in case!

And now, on a completely unrelated note, here is a sketch.  I drew only one sketch this past weekend (it's been too hot to go outside for long).  This guy was at the Lake Forest Park farmer's market, strumming a guitar and singing soulful tunes.  He was really good, and made a great subject.

Last but hardly least, we must have Truman!  Here is a short video of His Adorableness, finding something stinky to roll in.  Enjoy!

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  1. LOL - action shot! I love street artists. They are often the best. Great sketch.