Monday, September 28, 2015

Truman's New Girlfriend

Truman's pet sitter has a  new dog -- her name is Princie, she's around seven, and is a Chihuahua mix of unknown pedigree but with possibly some Miniature Pinscher.  Last Friday evening they had an introductory meeting.

Tru's initial reaction when Princie turned up was to growl -- after all, Dog End is his territory.  So we got them away from the house for a short walk, and then brought them back to the yard to roam around together.  After they got used to each other, they came inside for more socializing.

Princie was very playful, while Truman was his usual reserved self, but eventually he engaged in a few short bouts of play-bowing and scampering.

Today the sitter will bring Princie along for the lunch-time visit.  I've instructed Truman to behave like a gentleman with his new girlfriend, and I will be awaiting a report.  He enjoyed hanging out with the sitter's previous dog Pepe, but Pepe was quite old and slow and not playful, so this could be quite a different experience.

I suspect once he gets used to the idea, he will manage to have a good time!


  1. Does Truman have a sitter when you're at work or only pn some occasions? How nice for him.

    1. I felt badly about leaving my two previous dachshunds alone all day while at work (though glad they at least had each other for company), and after they passed away and I got Truman, I promised him that he'd never be alone all day. So he has a pet sitter who comes in at mid-day for a half-hour romp in the yard and cuddles on the sofa, and because she likes Truman so much, she often stays longer than I'm paying for -- she's terrific. She comes two days a week. On another day he gets to go to doggie daycare (where his best friend Winston also goes), and on one day my friend Michelle who lives nearby comes to let him out (she owns Winston and brings him along), and on the fifth day I work from home.

      He has it good, indeed! And he is totally worth it.

  2. What a lucky boy. I wish we had doggie day care here.