Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Lots of Truman

This past Sunday, when there was no football parking or traffic to keep me from the Fill, I took Truman there for a walk around the Loop Trail.  There's a new sign for the Fill's official name:

We were treated to a fabulous battle over the Southwest Pond, where a Cooper's  Hawk was chased by a lot of crows from tree to tree to tree while a Great Blue Heron kept a keen eye on the proceedings.  Sadly, the crow-hawk chase moved too fast to get photos.

The only bird who sat still long enough for me that day was this Spotted Towhee:

Next, we headed to Sky Nursery because I wanted to try sketching there again.  I found a pond display with two metal heron decorations.

Truman and I then enjoyed a stroll around the nursery.

Indoors, we found a section offering dog toys:

I think Truman liked that section best of all!

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  1. It certainly appears to be fall! We love seeing Truman. The towhee was adorable too. You should get those pink flamingos for your yard - LOL.