Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sketching in Edmonds

After my morning bird outing to the Fill last Saturday, I went on a sketch outing with Nicole and Tina.  We decided to explore beyond Seattle, and ventured up the road a ways to Edmonds.  After stopping at a coffee shop where I admired this mural...

...we went down to Brackett's Landing, the small beach by the ferry terminal (where there are ABSOLUTELY NO DOGS ALLOWED, thus the absence of Truman).

The beach is lovely, though it is busy and noisy (it is taken over by masses of scuba divers on weekends).  I found a quieter spot farther away from the dock.

A nice pile of driftwood caught my eye.

As I finished up that sketch, one of the ferries pulled in.

After it pulled out again, I drew the jetty nearby with its wooden orca-shaped sign:

That was plenty of sketching, and we finished up our Edmonds adventure by eating lunch at The Cheesemonger's Table, a fabulous deli where I thoroughly enjoyed a grilled turkey-herbed cheese-fig spread sandwich with a cup of roasted garlic soup.  Yum!

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  1. Roasted garlic soup - YUM! I enjoyed the sketches. The orca-shaped sign is quite lovely. Just another one of my favorite black & white animals LOL.