Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Saturday Adventures

This past Saturday I started off to the Fill for some birding, with a plan to sketch on the campus, too.  But part way along I remembered there was a football game, and the parking lot at the Fill gets closed down so they can sell the spaces to football fans.  Very annoying!

So birding was out, and sketching on campus was out.  I looked about for other sketching places, and stopped briefly at the original P-Patch gardens near the University Prep school.

Although I did a quick pen sketch there, it felt uninspired.  I didn't particularly care for this spot as a sketch location -- it was hard to park close by, and access to the garden was difficult with a stroller.  Oh, well.

Then I recalled there was a cemetery not too far away.  And I had brought the toned paper along.  Toned paper ought to work really well for statues, so I tootled on over there and strolled around until I found an angel statue to test this out on.  Truman seemed concerned about this odd location.

After taking him for a short walk among the tombstones, I settled down to sketch.  

That turned out nicely, if I do say so myself.  I enjoyed it so much that the next day we went to a different cemetery where I found another angel statue to draw -- it didn't turn out quite so detailed, because the best vantage point was in the shade and I got chilly and didn't want to stay long, so rushed it a bit.

I'll have to get the Northend Urban Sketchers out to these places before it gets too cold to draw outside -- very interesting statuary that is the perfect subject matter for toned papers.  I used waterproof black ink on the first drawing, and water-soluble brown ink on the second.  A white gel pen was used for the highlights.  Fun to do!


  1. I really like the top one. The bottom one does look a little "rushed" but it turned out nicely too. Cemeteries would be a great urban sketching idea - hope you can talk them into it!

  2. What are the two little creatures at the base of the statue or am I seeing something that isn't there. That sounds all wrong. Lovely drawing as usual.

    1. Thank you! No creatures. There are only the two vases at the bottom, rather clumsily drawn.

    2. I knew it was just my eyes, funny how you can see some things that are not what they really are. The one on the left reminded me of a meerkat, I could see the little eyes and nose, what an imagination I have...