Friday, September 4, 2015

Happy Friday at Home

Not only is it a Friday before a long holiday weekend, and not only is it a Telecommute Day, it is also for me a Friday before a whole week off work.  This will be another "Staycation" which is one of the few new words that the Kids These Days invented of which I approve.

I do not particularly like to vacate, as I like my home, and my garden, and my dog, and my friends here and so the idea of packing stuff up, hauling it off somewhere far away from everything I like just so I can hang out there doing the same things I would do if I were here only with extra money spent, a strange bed, and no one to talk to doesn't exactly appeal.  The few times I truly enjoy vacating are when a) I can take Truman with me, or b) I can take a friend with me, or c) I go somewhere where I know people and get to stay with them.  And birds, of course -- if the possibility of seeing interesting new birds exists, that could get me out the door.

All in all, I prefer staycating instead.  The forecast looks a bit up and down -- a little sunshine, a little rain, a lot of clouds.  We shall see.  There will be sketching!  Whether outside or indoors, there will be plenty of sketching.  And I will visit the Fill to see if I can spot that rarity, Connie Who Used to Practically Live There But Lately Only Pops Up Once in a Great While.

So Happy Friday to everyone and Happy Long Weekend to most everyone (I hear some people have to work on Monday!) and Happy Staycation to me!

Also, here is your Urban Sketching view for today, actually drawn yesterday during lunch at the UW Botany Greenhouse in my new Almost Perfect sketch book:


  1. Love the drawing! I hope you enjoy your staycation a lot. I like that word too and (as I never take any time off work) prefer staycations too. I'm looking forward to my 3-day weekend, although it will mostly consist of doing laundry at The Mother's and straightening up my bedroom, which I haven't really done since I moved in 3 years ago. Gak. Have fun!

  2. Hey! We were just by the UW Botany Greenhouse today where we saw some fine savannah sparrows, I think, frolicking among the potted plants! The Fill seems a fine place for some staycation enjoyment . . . but didn't you just have a week or two of staying cation? How much time do you get? -m.

    1. I was at the Fill on Saturday and noticed several Savannahs, and thought it was getting a bit late for them to still be hanging about -- I think our long hot summer confused them. The shovelers are back so at least some birds have a clue about the proper seasonal time to turn up.

      Yes, I took two weeks off at the end of July, and a week in May. I get 23 days of vacation per year plus 1 day of "personal holiday" for 24. If you time at least one of them around a holiday, that makes essentially five weeks. Which must be the same as Eli by now, as he's been there a while, surely? That's the max one can get if one has worked there forever like I have.

      Even after this vacation, because I didn't use all five weeks the previous years and it rolls over, I'll still have 124 hours left. That's three more weeks -- sweet!