Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Miscellaneous Post

I seem to have a number of photos from the past week or so which didn't fit into any of the previous posts, and so I present a post of randomness to clear them out.  Truman is heavily featured, except when he gets upstaged by birds.

Here he is at Golden Gardens park overlooking the duck pond, which is positively choked, appropriately enough, by duck weed.

Here he is investigating interesting smells and seaweed on the beach.

And an even more interesting object.

I suspect he liked this outing, all in all.

On a completely different day, we went to the Fill, where the usual birds were out and about (Song Sparrow):

And some not very usual birds turned up, including this female Yellow-headed Blackbird -- they normally restrict themselves to eastern Washington, though a few pop over here every year:

Finally, a view from a sketch outing to Magnuson Park...I'm not showing a close-up of the sketch, which was less than successful.  Oh, well.  Guess I'll have to just try again!


  1. I was wondering if you would sketch the stairs, etc. that were prominent in your last photo. I thought it would make an interesting subject. You will have to try it again. Love the Truman photos and I have September up (naturally) on my calendar and am enjoying the song sparrow (I believe) that's staring at me. Did Truman try to do anything with the crab, i.e. play with or eat? LOL

    1. I did sketch the stairs, and they came out all wonky. Truman just tried to sniff the crab.
      Tru got to come to work with me today, as nearly everyone is away at the out-of-town annual department retreat. Yay!

    2. Yes, I did notice the sketch, but I'm absolutely sure it's better than anything I could do - ha! Be sure to post if you do it again! Anyway, glad Truman is enjoying "work". Have a great day you two!