Tuesday, September 22, 2015

More from Sky Nursery

Sky Nursery is my favorite place to buy plants and every Spring I spend quite a bit of money there.  It's huge and has everything a gardener could possibly want.

That's just the main indoor garden center -- there's another big room for supplies, tools, decorations and such, and another huge outdoor area for shrubs, trees, roses and so on.

It's a good place to sketch off-season -- not too many people, and plenty of benches scattered throughout.

Tina bought one of these gray pumpkins (from Australia), not to eat, but to sketch, paint, and take photos of.

I was tempted by these raven statues, but managed to restrain myself from buying anything.

Since the living koi refused to stay still for sketching, I found these garden statues to draw instead.

A woman bought two of them just as I was finishing up -- whew!

I sat on a bench to do a quick sketch of some pots and a koi windsock.

The Urban Sketchers group has met up here (before I joined them), and I hope they return -- it's nicely sheltered during the rainy season, and there is a lot of subject matter about.  The only problem is the temptation to buy stuff, but if I avoid it in Spring, I may be safe.


  1. You should have purchased the koi windsock for The Brother! Looks like a fun place. I'm surprised a big bird lover like you didn't purchase the raven.

    1. Those raven statues were over $100 each! Not tempted in the slightest.

  2. Looks like my ideal place, good the koi stayed still for you...