Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What Happens When I Get Bored

I've heard it said that only boring people get bored, but hey, surely even the most interesting folks have to wait for buses at times, right?  And that is boring.  As is sitting in conference rooms waiting for the meeting to start.  So at these times, I haul out the little 2x3 inch sketch book that I always have in my purse, and spend those 5, 10, 15 or so minutes drawing whatever happens to be in front of me.

Here are some of these sketches from the past few months.

What I see from my office doorway (waiting for a student to show up for an advising appointment):

In the boring conference room, waiting for the meeting to start (the meeting itself was also boring, but once people arrive, they tend to notice you sketching them):

Waiting for the bus on 15th Avenue:

At the Fred Hutch waiting for the shuttle to the U:

Waiting in my credit union lobby:

I spent an hour in the credit union getting my account number changed:

There are also sketches in this little book that are not a result of boredom but rather done during a lunch time walk whenever I spotted a nice view.  This is the footbridge at the Arboretum:

And here are some boats under the University bridge:

Most of the sketches, though, involve waiting for something.  Here I am at the Magnuson Park Promontory Ponds, waiting for a Black Phoebe (that never turned up):

And from just last Sunday, sitting on my front porch waiting for Michelle to arrive with Winston and Chloe for a dog walk outing:

You can tell by the unfinished look of the right-hand side that they turned up before I could finish!


  1. Very nice. I always just pull out a book to read which is far less interesting to see afterwards. Oddly, I particularly like the chairs outside your office. The footbridge by the Aboretum is also pretty fine.

    1. The two you like best are done with the marvelous Tombow pens -- they have a fine tip and a brush tip and the ink is water-soluble so you can easily create spiffy shadows. Great fun to use.

      I haven't been reading much this year so rarely have a book about except on the work commute bus. Last year I read 185 books and overdosed. This year thus far I've read 23 and I'm quite sure my brain feels more relaxed as a result. But it certainly does lead to lots more "waiting for..." sketches.

  2. I was just thinking "why doesn't she read a book" if she's so bored, but then I actually read your reply to Mary's comment. I'm trying to read more slowly - LOL. I liked the one outside your office too and the footbridge. However, the one while waiting to get your account number changed was unusually "busy" for one of your drawings. It was different and quite likeable. Have fun waiting!

    1. Thank you for paying close attention -- that way I won't tease you about it! The one at my credit union was busy because I sat in that spot for over an HOUR and just kept adding and adding to it as I waited and waited and waited for them to handle what turned out to be a rather complex endeavor. Should have brought my paints with me!