Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sketching with Truman in Tow

This past weekend I went out sketching at Meadowbrook Pond park and to the UW campus, both times with Truman.  I like taking him along not only for his company (though that is absolutely the main reason!) but because his pet stroller is very handy for hauling my supplies about.

Often in addition to my camp stool and art supplies, I have my binoculars, camera, food, and water.  There's a handy storage area under the stroller that holds it all easily.  As we know, Truman doesn't like to walk that much, but I do make him walk the first 1/2 to 1 mile or so, and then he gets to hang out in his stroller or nearby while I sketch.  He is a very patient dog and does not get fussy at all.

Meadowbrook Pond park:


At the UW campus, I parked myself across the street from the main entrance (17th and Memorial Way) so I could draw the "W" -- I'm considering working my way around the campus from that starting point, week by week, sketching every part of the huge campus -- could take years!

I've already sketched several views on the campus, so at least I won't need to repeat those.  Could be a fun project, and it's great that there is free parking there on Sundays and most Saturday afternoons.

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  1. I love your sketches, what can I say they are exceptional. I do love your paintings too but think there is so much more detail in the sketches to appreciate. That's really obvious I guess.