Monday, August 31, 2015

The Garden Doesn't Look This Nice Anymore

On Friday morning I took a few photos of the few things that are blooming in my garden now, and a good thing I did, for on Saturday a rain and wind storm blasted through the region, strewing Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar branches (and a few I didn't recognize from neighbor's trees) all over the yard.  Nothing was damaged but things sure look more bedraggled.

My home lost power around 12:30pm Saturday, and it was not restored until 2:00pm Sunday.  At least it was warm.  And my friends and neighbors are fabulous (which I knew, of course!).  It was cheering when my neighbor Jerry popped over to my elderly, auto-less neighbors on Sunday morning with McMuffins for them, free of charge.  And I got to watch the Mariners on Michelle and Steve's TV on Saturday afternoon, and they offered me the use of their shower, as did Nicole, as did Tina.  Michelle treated me to lunch so I could get a hot meal instead of peanut butter sandwiches.  Thank  you, one and all!

Anyway, here is what the flowers looked like before the storm.

I planted a gazillion bulbs this past Spring of four or five different species, and the squirrels got everything except the gladioli:

My favorite floribunda rose continues to bloom abundantly:

The snapdragons are making an effort:

Oh, I forgot about this -- I planted a few lily bulbs in Spring as well, late-summer blooming ones, and assumed the squirrels got them too, until this suddenly opened a few days ago -- hurrah!

Someone got in the way of my picture of the new "Buff Beauty" shrub rose--perhaps it should be renamed "Butt Beauty"?

He also somehow managed to get into the photo of the sedum:

So I gave up snapping flowers and just aimed the camera at Truman:

How did it get to be Monday again so soon?  Darn!

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  1. The flowers are all gorgeous, including the "butt" beauty LOL. I don't think my power's ever been off more than 5-6 hours. Over 24 hours seems a little ridiculous for a big city, but I guess they had to handle a lot more outages. Ah well. Glad things are back to "normal".