Thursday, August 6, 2015

Staycation in Review: A low-key Sunday

On Sunday Truman and I visited the Fill again, where it was ever so quiet.  We sat for a while by the Main Pond, where I tried to sketch a view of the campus buildings in the distance.

I wasn't particularly happy with the results.

Too messy, and too much color.  Oh, well.  Sometimes the magic works, and sometimes it doesn't!

Over at the Southwest Pond, a Great Blue Heron was preening.

And an Eight-Spotted Skimmer dragonfly with a damaged wing was resting.

On Sundays you can park for free on the UW campus (unless there is a special event).   I decided to wander up there and park by the Burke Museum, intending to sketch parts of its exterior, but my eye was caught instead by the observatory.

The observatory was built in 1895 and is still in use.  See: the Theodor Jacobsen Observatory web page for info.  I decided to sketch it in dark brown ink, and not color it in.  Recently I've realized that I much prefer drawing to painting anyway.  I'm hoping to focus more on ink drawing as the Year of Art continues.

Speaking of the Year of Art, serendipity struck again yesterday.  I went to the University Bookstore to look at a book highly recommended by one of the urban sketchers (Archisketcher -- all about drawing buildings) but it wasn't in stock.  I hesitated on ordering it, as I am on a Very Frugal budget (due to an attempt to pay off my mortgage early), even though it was only $25.

But then I went across the street to the gallery on a whim just to say hello to the owner, Allison -- who greeted me with, "Are you telepathic?  I was about to call you.  Another piece sold -- only a small print so not much money, your portion is only $25."

Hm, I thought, I wonder if the Art Gods are trying to tell me something?

I went right back to the bookstore and ordered the book.  I'm pretty sure it will be useful!

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