Friday, August 14, 2015

I like to have projects

As I mentioned yesterday, I thought it might make for a fun and long-lasting project to try sketching everything on the University of Washington campus that I could.  This will take years!  Or so I hope.

I've sketched bits and pieces of it over the past year or so, and wanted to take a more methodical approach now, but that doesn't always work out.  My idea was to come on Saturday afternoons or Sundays (free parking!) and start at the main entrance and work my way through/around in a logical fashion.  Hah.  What I forgot was that I also sometimes like to sketch a bit at lunch time when I'm at work, and my office is at the farthest possible point from the main entrance.

There is simply no way, in one hour, to get to that spot, sketch something, and get back.  So lunch time sketches must be closer to hand, and there goes my logical drawing path around the campus.  Oh,well.  If I do some stuff at one end on weekdays, and other stuff at the other end on the weekends, eventually they'll meet in the middle, right?  I guess we shall wait and see!

Here is Wednesday's drawing of Anderson Hall, the forestry building across the street from where my building:

And here is Thursday's lunch time sketch of Guggenheim Hall as viewed from the rose garden:

And for the Truman fans, completely unrelated to sketching, here is His Adorableness at the park last Sunday, forced to share his stroller with his friend Chloe:

Here you can tell he's a bit wet still from wading in Lake Washington:

Happy Friday!

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