Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Weekend in Review: Sketch Outings

In between the weekend's two birding outings, a party, and a baseball game, I managed to get out to sketch both days.  On Saturday I went to the campus to continue my tour of its buildings.  I'd left off at the Burke Museum and the next buildings in order were Paccar Hall and the law school, neither of which inspired me with their modern architecture.  So I shall have to go back to those and find ways to make them interesting to sketch, as I do want to do the whole campus.

The next building down was Denny Hall, which had construction gates and equipment all over, so I put that down on my "return later" list as well.  Which brought me to Parrington Hall, a very large, very old, very fine building indeed.  It is at the end of Memorial Way, where there is a traffic circle enhanced by a collection of boulders.  A challenging subject indeed.

Tru came along, of course.

I think, in addition to whole building views, I'd like to do a series of smaller views highlighting architectural details, especially on these old buildings.  Another project!  Yay.

On Sunday after birding the Fill, Truman and I stopped at the Magnuson Park P-Patch gardens, where I found a lovely (and small!) view of a watering can and surrounding decor.  I opted to use only pen here.

Tru helps me tour the gardens.

The sketching spot:

On our way out, I spotted a young Cedar Waxwing.

Then I had to go home to get ready for the baseball game outing, about which I will post tomorrow.


  1. Love the building with the boulders. You are actually going to sketch the ENTIRE campus? Won't that take like forever? Keeps you busy I guess.

    1. Yes, it should take YEARS, or so I hope -- what else am I going to do with my time, eh? The birds only take up the morning hours, after all!