Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Truman Says, Buy Alex's Art!

Well, not really.  And hey, you can always go to my flickr photo site to download pretty pictures for free, but I think you ought to support your Plucky Local Independent Artist and the Plucky Local Independent Art and Frame Shop where her paintings are at:

Yesterday Allison showed me the mats she was working on for my stuff -- and what a fine job she is doing on them.  Here I try to fit them all in one photo and fail:

She hopes to have them framed and on the walls by next week but you can go in NOW to get early dibs on anything you like --just ask Allison to show you my FABULOUS paintings.

Look, MARY -- an OWL!  Doesn't it shout out to you?  I'm sure it does.

She had one piece nearly ready to go with a fine frame:

And she said a couple of the pieces might also sell as prints.  When I started to explain that I didn't know squat about having prints made but could find out, she said that she'd handle it all for me, does it all the time for her other artists.  I like that.  I wouldn't do this if it wasn't easy!

If you don't like birds (and who doesn't?), there are a couple of landscapes here and there.

Can't wait to see them with frames and on the wall!  It's a small shop on The Ave (AKA University Way) near the corner of 43rd on the west side of the street.  On the corner is an ICE CREAM shop, and then the Woolly Mammoth shoe store, and then Allison's amazing Four Corners Art & Frame Shop.  I know parking in the U-District is a hassle.  Combine your visit with a trip to the University Bookstore, which is across the street and has a parking lot in back.  Or come on a Saturday after 12Noon and park for free on campus behind the Burke Museum.

I think it's open Mon-Sat 10-5 and closed on Sundays but you can always call first.  And did I mention the ICE CREAM SHOP?

Tell all your friends!  Tell all your friends who love ART.  Tell all your friends who love art and nature and birds.  Tell all your friends who love art and nature and birds and who have money.  Support your plucky local independent creative folks, and help me to retire early!


Actually, he kind of looks as if he's saying, "OhMyGod I've been turned into a spokesdog!  Arg, the pressure!"  He is, after all, a Highly Sensitive Dog.


  1. Actually, I sort of like the looks of that small vertical one of tree trunks. Also, oh *that* frame shop! I love that place. It's very convenient for Metro too!

    1. Ah, interesting. See, I thought the birds were the big selling point, and the painting of trees wasn't even in the selection I initially showed her. It was tucked away in the back of the portfolio but Allison loved it, and suggested it as one to do prints from. And I thought it was just a lightweight little study, something I did to practice a technique demonstrated in a class I took.

      I can never tell what will strike other people's fancy -- so often they go right past the stuff I spent tons of time on and go right for the simple quick study. Maybe I should paint fast all the time?

    2. I was looking at the same one...so obviously your pusher has good instincts. How about stationery/cards? Or is that Not Done?
      (Jan/biblio_tech...the reply as doesn't like my credentials.)

    3. Oh, blank greeting cards would be lovely, I think. I've no idea if she does those -- I'll check it out. Or maybe I could figure out how to do those separately on my own. I had no idea those trees (they are aspens) would be so popular -- perhaps I should do a few more "little studies." Thanks for commenting despite google's incompetence re: credentials!

    4. Oh, I could likely be persuaded to a lot of it but my wall space is getting to be a bit, well, full. When will Allison have it all matted, etc?

      (BTW, I've just done a bunch of cards on Shutterfly, but I'm sure there are more competent and less expensive options as well.)

  2. It looks like she is doing a fantastic job and taking good care of your art. I love the photo of Truman in front of Truman. It's perfect for advertising. Sheesh. Now I need to save money. I must support your early retirement and those red winged blackbirds are calling to me. And the owl. And the teepee. Oh my.

    1. The teepee is from a view down the road a ways from you at the McNary Wildlife Refuge near Burbank. It would look great on your wall!