Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Art (short!)

It rained most of the weekend, so there was no birding (sniff) and just one quick dog walk at a heavily wooded park (to keep off the rain...sigh).  And without bird photos or dog photos, I'm left with more art.  Other than the sketch outing to the museum on Sunday, I did have just one ink sketch to share of a view from behind my office building of the Montlake Cut:

I wanted to show that there was water in the background, so I went ahead and added color later:

I'm also working on a watercolor painting (at home) of a Great Blue Heron, and I'm attempting to work more slowly and thoughtfully as I go along.  It's hard!  But I want to curb my tendency to rush things, and will keep at it.


  1. It's like two completely different places. I can't decide which version I like better; they're both so fine.

    1. I feel the same way. I love pen and ink drawings -- I'm glad I took the photo before adding the color. I like the look of ink and watercolor too, though, and in this piece it certainly shows better that there is water, and also shows the shadows better.

      My current thought is that I should do a few pieces that will be left as ink alone, and do them on paper intended for ink instead of watercolor paper so that I *can't* add color easily. I'd like to get better at depicting things in ink, especially to show shading and texture.