Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Year of Art Gets More Interesting than Expected

Recently I took my painting of Truman to the wonderful place I've taken all of the art I've wanted framed over the years, the Four Corners Art and Frame Shop.  It's a tiny little place in the U-District, where Allison the owner works magic (seriously -- she takes one long look at the piece you've brought in, walks over to the racks of HUNDREDS of frame styles and instantly picks out the perfect one).

The walls are crammed with art by her and other artists, all for sale.  She admired my Truman portrait greatly, and we got to talking about different media and styles, and I said my usual medium was watercolor, and I usually painted nature and birds.  She invited me to bring some pieces in, and if she liked them, she would take on the cost of matting and framing and put them on the walls for sale with a reasonable commission.

So yesterday I went in with a portfolio.  Based on the crowded walls, I figured she might take five pieces at the most, so although I had around 40 works in the portfolio, I moved the ten best up to the front, intending to show only those, from which hopefully she would pick a few.

Well, she loved those ten so much that she wanted to see what else was there, and the next thing I knew, she was hauling out stuff left and right and arranging them on her work table in various groupings that "would look well together on the walls", and she wound up taking TWENTY-ONE works.  !

Not only that, she was my first customer, buying one of  the landscapes as a gift for her mother.

I don't know how long it will be before they get framed and displayed there, or how many will be put up at one time, but when I get that information I'll be happy to pass it along!


  1. FAR OUT! That's absolutely wonderful. Our next great Seattle artist may have just started gaining a larger audience. Awesome. I hope it goes really well. Extra retirement money - LOL!!

  2. That's what I was thinking -- extra retirement hobby income -- after all, I have to be able to afford the fancy food Truman demands!

  3. You could make it a business, then write off any trips you take to get inspiration for painting. Truman would approve!