Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Photos from the Fill: a lunch time stroll

Yesterday I took a lunch time stroll tot the Montlake Fill, or at least, a small part of it, as I can't get all the way around the Loop Trail and back to the office in one hour without rushing.  And who wants to rush the Fill?  Not I!

I was looking for possible landscape views to try painting, and thought this one might do:

We shall see.  There was a lone turtle on the log -- another sign of Spring in the air.

A little farther along, I spotted these coots hanging out:

I decided to check on the cup nest that I'm pretty sure is a hummingbird's work, and it was still there looking even sturdier than before, and there was an Anna's Hummingbird nearby.

While I was watching, a second hummingbird zipped in, and a fight broke out -- the first bird dove repeatedly on the intruder, driving it away.  I'm hopeful there will be a hummingbird family there this Spring.

Finally, yet another sign of the changing weather -- there are pussy willow catkins now:

The forecast is for sunny skies again today and for some days to come -- hurrah!


  1. I enjoy all your photos, but I really love it when you go through the Fill and take pictures there. It feels so familiar. Maybe partly because I read Connie's book.


    1. Do you ever check out Google Street View? You can use it to virtually walk the Fill Loop Trail. Google Maps, type in its real name, Union Bay Natural Area, click on Street View, follow the trail around. No bird songs, though!