Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dachshund Time!

A Three-Dog Day happened last Sunday at Magnuson Park, with Truman, Winston, and Chloe enjoying the balmy weather:

A lot of sniffing took place, of course.

Down by the lake shore, Chloe found some pebbles to her liking, and spent some time rolling around on them.

Miss Chloe is now twelve and though still gung-ho about going for walks, is not quite so spry as she once was, so after the midpoint of the walk we plopped her into Truman's stroller.  She loved riding in it.  Truman seemed a tad jealous, so towards the end of the walk, I let him join her.

Such happy dogs!


  1. Commenting to express my appreciation of your linking to these blog posts from LJ so that I don't have to remember to check on my own.

    Chloe looks extremely pleased and very captainly in the dead middle of the stroller, but it looks like Truman is content to have it so as long as he gets to navigate.


  2. Thanks for posting these lovely pics and linking back to lj