Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Last Saturday at the Fill (with bonus adorable Truman photos!)

At the Montlake Fill this past Saturday, there was more evidence of busy beavers at work:

I thought about hiring them to remove the unattractive Douglas Fir in my back yard.  Probably cheaper than the tree service that quoted me $1500.  Luckily, when I returned home, one of the neighbors was busy having a tree removed by a different company, who suggested selective limb removal to make it look nicer instead.

Okay, back to the Fill:  I spotted the first Common Merganser of the season, a stunning male in full breeding plumage:

Alas, the other birds were not as cooperative.  Every time I've been there for the past few weeks, there have been Yellow-rumped Warblers flitting about, and I've tried really hard to get a good photo of one, but the dang birds will NOT sit still.  And their flitting movements among the branches are utterly unpredictable, and the few times they DO stay put for more than a second, those same branches are in the way.  So I took about 30 photos of a warbler on Saturday -- and not one was good enough to post.   Oh, well.  Even worse was a Golden-crowned Kinglet, who is not only smaller than the warbler, but moves twice as quickly.  Forget about it!

So I took photos of an extremely cooperative dachshund instead:

Truman is definitely not prone to flitting about.

On our way out, we discovered a plant sale being held right there at the Urban Horticulture Center that runs the Fill:

I didn't buy anything.  And finally, we paused to admire the perennial gardens:

I must remember to return there when more things are blooming, to do some sketching.  It is a truly lovely little garden.

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  1. I wish I had a beaver (or two) myself. I have TWO huge trees in my backyard that I'm afraid will one day topple onto my abode. Probably not, but they are awfully tall. I know a guy who deals poker who runs a small landscaping business on the side. I will try to get a deal. I don't really want to chop them down, but they really need trimming. Maybe if I simply rent a chain saw I could get Scott to do it. Hmmmmm.