Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Two sketches and a lot of Truman

Not a lot to report today -- it's been hot here and when it gets above 80 I tend to lie low.  But back on Sunday, Tina and went to Bothell Country Village to do a little sketching -- this is a collection of old buildings turned into shops, with a pond, stream, and interesting sculptures, and a lot of ducks and chickens running around.  We weren't there very long -- I had time for two drawings, one of the back side of a few buildings which I did in ink:

The second drawing I did in pencil -- I rarely use pencil, preferring to draw directly with ink -- but pencil works well for subjects that need to be accurate:

As I said, it's been above 80 (88 on Monday!), so Truman and I have been mostly at home of late, gardening and walking in the morning while it's not too hot, and then just hanging out.  He does love his yard!

Stay cool!

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