Monday, April 4, 2016

Truman on the Beach

Seattle does not allow dogs on its beaches which is irksome, but I recently discovered that Shoreline, the more enlightened city next door, has a lovely little spot called Richmond Beach Park where one can legally take a dog to the beach.  Truman and I had a delightful outing there on one of the many warm, sunny days we enjoyed here last week.

The shore is a bit pebbly, though Tru had no trouble navigating his way to a quick dip.

We went on a weekday and it was not terribly crowded.

There was plenty of sand just above the shoreline.

There was a slight rise to the north, with trails through the brush which we explored.  Truman had a little difficulty in one spot.

We went around the obstruction and found a pleasant viewpoint.  I did a quick drawing there.

The view looking back south.

A most pleasant way to enjoy a sunny day.

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  1. Truman really must be part water dog of some sort. He sure loves the beach!