Friday, April 15, 2016

Dog and Garden

First, the most important part of this post:


His Adorableness turns four years old today!  Hooray!!!

And now for the less important part -- the latest garden update.

I've almost weeded the entire garden -- of course, by the time I finish, the first section I did will have weeds again.  By my rough calculations, the garden area takes up approximately 3500 square feet.  You can fit a lot of weeds into that.

Luckily, the flowers bloom just as vigorously as the happy weeds do.  It's good soil and good sunlight and mostly good climate, and most of the stuff that I plant manages to thrive.

The quince is still looking good:

Here is my lone daffodil -- a lovely white and pale peach variety:

I added a few new annuals to the back flower bed:


This is bleeding heart (in front) and false Solomon's seal (in back):

And this is periwinkle (Vinca):

Now for some perspective -- here are two long shots of the back garden:

As I said, that is a lot of fertile ground for weeds.  Good thing I've got the time to work on it!


  1. Garden is looking GOOD! Happy birthday to Truman!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Truman! What did you get from Mummy?